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Fishing can be as much or as little of your stay at Bonefish Bluff as you wish. Countless fishing opportunities abound here. As I’m sure you can tell, we are into bonefishing and our location is unmatched, but there is plenty of variety including numerous species inshore around the sand and grass flats to mangrove creeks and shallow patch reefs to the deeper reefs and the deep blue Atlantic beyond. You can hire a captain or guide and/or DIY.


The bonefishing out front (in our front yard as we like to call it) on the “Town Flats” is nothing short of spectacular. Within a couple of hours on either side of low tide on any given day you should see fish tailing and have numerous shots at bonefish, including specimens that get well into the double digit poundage. You can access the flats down our little path and stairs dropping you right onto the flats. Be sure to wear wading booties or old sneakers, the trail is a little rough and the bottom is soft for the first couple hundred yards. You can use the paddleboards to skip over most of the soft stuff, but wear  booties either way. You could spend a lifetime fishing that flat (I’m working on it), but there are other flats around the island that can be accessed by golf cart and plenty of other flats around the nearby islands to explore by boat (rental or your own).



The opportunities and variety around Green Turtle Cay and the surrounding Cays for inshore fishing are vast. Anywhere you cast around the island you could hook into a grouper, snapper or cuda. And practically any technique you choose has a shot. By cart you can access and fish from any of the beaches, rocks or public docks and by boat you can explore any of the neighboring cays and access the fishing around the rocks, reefs and mangroves for a variety of targets. Cudas, Mutton Snappers, Mangrove (grey) Snappers, Triggerfish and various Groupers are just a few of the fish you can encounter.


From the patch reefs to the edge of the reef to the deep blue waters beyond you can find incredible bottom fishing and pelagics as good as anywhere in the world. Snapper and grouper are always around and dolphin, wahoo, tuna and billfish are all available seasonally.

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